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Slowness on the last day

Delay in closing the agenda causes delay in the 

development of the last topic

The Guardian

09/29/2023, 16:20

On the last day of Genebra’s Conference of the International Labour Organization, September 29th, the division persisted during this session, causing a delay on the development of the discussion for the conclusion and difficulting the sequence to the next topic, Payment Equity. Being the last, but not least, the theme is fundamental to certificate equal rights inside the corporate environment, in view of the situation treated on the subtopic 3.1. – Gender Paying Inequality – is most visible depending on physical aspects and the position it occupies. 

Through the day, this edition presents articles related to the slow development of the discussions and the polarity between two proposals and the manifestation lived yesterday, both written by Ravi Sekiguchi, in addition to the column about the voting on the document related to the second topic of the agenda, Uberisation.


Democratic but not diplomatic final document 

George Monbiot

29/09/2023, 16:20

In the fourth and last day of debates at the Genebra’s Conference, 29th of September, the main objective of the delegates on the seventh session is to finish the agenda and finally decide if the BRICS document will or not be considered as the solution on the second topic. 

During the debate, many delegations showed their concern on the topics presented on the proposal, seeing that European nations and the USA were not benefited by any of the clauses. With that said, the discussion had a new focus: whether or not the BRICS should be voted as the final resolution of the topic around informal work and uberation. Therefore, a non-moderated debate was requested with the purpose of reading the BRICS document, seeing that, last night, the delegation of Germany complemented the document with clauses that aim to include these nations in the proposal. 

After a long and repetitive discussion, the informal voting of whether the clauses should be part of the BRICS or not was made, but did not pass for the happiness of the Russian delegation. The disappointment of the European nations along with the USA was evident, and even if the inclusion of the clauses would not affect negatively the rest of the delegations, the choice was made and satisfaction reigned in the debate. 

In such an important debate meeting, the inclusion of all the nations on the final document is more than necessary, therefore it is expected that the delegations come to a conclusion that guarantees the participation of the committee as a whole.


When a limit is transpassed 

Mexican activist interrupted by conservative manifestation

Ravi Sekiguchi

09/29/2023, 16:21

Pressing the advance to the conclusion of the resolution document, remaining only one day to the end of the congress, the renowned Mexican and indigenous feminist, Eufrozina Cruz, breaks out the silence related to the problem of paying inequality, mainly betwixt genders, connecting with her experience as one of the most notable activists of women rights in his country. In his talk she invites all the female delegates to support his cause, and in addition explains historically the reflection of the pre-concept in the disparity of global numbers between salaries, explicit when we realise that later in 2021, globally, women earned approximately 37% less than men performing the same functions. Abruptly, a warm shout echoes through the corridors, deriving from a furious crowd, bringing posters full of a conservative thought, repeating messages, for example: “long life the traditional family” and “Woman's place is in the kitchen”, breaking the decorum. Besides that, the problem itself is not only the hate position that was being defended, self proclaimed: “the other side of the coin”. But, the way it was done, interrupting the virtuous presence of Cruz. Fortunately, as soon as this manifestation started, the authorities interrupted the movement and proceeded to force them to go out. Sadly, revealing one more time the complete disorganisation and lack of respect inside this committee.

Eufrosina Cruz during speech (Source: Banana) 

Manifestants during debate (Source: Banana) 

A kid’s fight

Paradigmatic disagreements: when some dear delegates forgot decorum at home

Ravi Sekiguchi

09/29/2023, 16:28

Since the previous sessions, the United states of america assumed a very critical position in relation to the document produced by the union of China and India, supported mainly by the Russian delegation. At the moment, the Japanese delegation reinforced his discontentment about these proposals, justified by the argument that countries with high informal job and work analogue to slavery, including child manufacture, couldn't protect labour rights, being reinforced by the USA. 

The consequences of this affirmation was a very polarised committee, resulting in nations divided by: supportive to the document, mostly defended by eastern nations, and against the same, mostly defended by western ones. At this point, Russia criticises the actions of the USA, saying that now is the time for “the hunt became the hunter”, meaning that the most affected nations by the problems discussed in Genebra should lead the suggestions, defining the future of the same. Opinion that was hit back by the USA, that in an exclusive interview to one of our reporters, had said that the congress should search for a conclusion including a biggest importance to his, and European, politics and purposes. The disagreements now are gaining uncontrollable dimensions, taking the focus out of most important questions, and not resolving anything.

Delegate of the USA dirscursing (Source: Banana)