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How do we ensure labour safety?

The event of this Tuesday on ILO underlined the importance of humans rights

The Guardian

26/09/2023, 16:14

The topic of workers rights is indispensable considering the present scenario around the globe. In this context, this Tuesday, September 26th, Genebra Confederation begins the International Labour Organization with the proposition of providing a discussion capable of guaranteeing human rights. In general, the delegations have similar opinions about better conditions.

The occasion has the purpose, inside the topic brought, to question safety and health, uberization and pay equity. In this edition, it is possible to find notices expanding the occasion, beyond the collune written by George Monbiot.


Seeking a solution for the questions around 

worker’s rights 

George Monbiot 

26/09/2023, 16:37

This Tuesday, September 26th, the first session of the debate around the topic of worker rights took place at the Genebra Confederation. The purpose of the debate is to discuss labor as a human right and guarantee the protection against exploration of workers and assure gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity equality, so the question can be solved. 

The meeting of the ILO (International Labour Organization) had its beginning with the Opening Ceremony, with speeches by Francisco, Gabriel and Marcela, with the purpose of encouraging the delegates to form a critical and creative mind, a mind that analises and make proposals because that is exactly what the real and future world is about. 

With that said, the delegates organized themselves to start the actual debate, followed by the initial speeches of each nation. The delegations seemed to have similar points of view around the topic, looking for very close solutions, but the question in fact is: will the dear delegates preserve their opinions or are they only trying to make a great first impression?

Gabriel Ribeiro during his very inspirational speech. (source: Banana) 


 Tension in the room.

Religion and labour rights: How to balance?

Ravi Sekiguchi

26/09/2023, 16:23


In your first speech, the delegation from Qatar brings up this important issue, affirming that the nation, as expected from a islamic country, sees the theme under a religious point of view, ratifying, despite this, being capable of respecting human rights and providing acceptables work conditions to the citizens of the country. Although, this mentality seems not to please all the nations, once that can be understood with an affront to the full necessities of the worker class, still suffering with hazardous and insecure circumstances.

Delegate from Qatar during speech. (source: Banana) 

A contained scream: workers 

from the world.

At Genebra, urgently, members of ACTRAV reclaim 

Better conditions.

Ravi Sekiguchi

26/09/2023, 16:13


And the bells ring, on the date of September 26th, in Switzerland, during the Genebra confederation, starts the newest session of the International Labour Organization (ILO), responsible to provide rights to all the worker community, with the objective to find a common space between nations from all around the globe.

As typically, the debates were started after the presence list, and in the situation, the respective delegations, Hungary and Venezuela, were missing. Nevertheless, as soon as possible, the speeches gradually were uttered, starting with ACTRAV, The Bureau for Workers 'Activities, that in the present time exposed the precarious conditions of the labour rights, in the words of the delegate: “Dramatic!”, being reinforced by Germany.

Furthermore, at the subsequent discussions it is expected to observe themes like safety, equality and health, helping to construct a fundamental consensus that respects human rights, traditionally from the United Nations. 

Delegates representing ACTRAV (source: Banana)