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Broken decorum

Galo’s speech pushes delegates to act

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On the third day of the International Labour Organization session, September 28th, the main discussed theme was Uberisation – a concept that describes a situation in which a worker has no legal rights while working autonomously –.

During the session, Paulo “Galo”, a motorcycle worker, was invited to deliver a speech urging for labor issues, a relevant and growing topic in the actual scenario. To the situation, the delegations as Germany, France and Spain brought their concerns and actions to develop government measures to promote benefits to the labor community.

Deepening the happenings of the day, in this edition it is possible to find information related to the presence of Paulo “Galo” and his impact to the discussion through material written by Ravi Sekiguchi and the article written by George Monbiot describing the discussion inside the green room.


Dear delegates, decorum please!

George Monbiot 


This Thursday, 28th of September, the debate continues, the delegates finally agreed on a decision around the fist topic, and are now heading to the next theme: Informal work and uberization. The discussion begins with the nations displaying their opinions, proposing new solutions and proposals. 

Further on, the delegation of Russia suggested the opening of the Green Room with the purpose of discussing the proposal made by the Indian delegates, which aims the transition of the economy from informal work to formal work. Nine nations were convened, including India, South Africa, Argentina, China, Germany, Iran, Russia and Cuba, and as an objective, the delegations should focus on the financial part of the proposal. 

It is noticed that, as the dear delegates entered the room and began the discussion, the decorum was completely forgotten. The nations failed on keeping formality by laughing, using informal language and talking over their colleagues, wasting time that could have been used for the improvement of the debate. 

Aside from that, around the financial help to the Indian proposal, the nations decided that 0,1% of their GDP would be given each 10 years passed, which represents a great amount of money, since many of the nations present a high gross domestic product. The decision was made by all the nations as a group, although it is noticeable the absence of the point of view of the delegation of Cuba, which remained silent throughout the whole Green Room discussion. 

In such an important debate and as a new topic is arriving, the essentiality of the opinion of each delegation is crucial, therefore, it is recommended that the delegates present their thoughts around the theme.

Delegates at the Green Room. (Source: Banana)


A ride to the failure

Biker rights activist breaks monotonous atmosphere at ILO

Ravi Sekiguchi


We have reached almost half of the ILO congress and the diplomats are still discussing, apparently in circles, the same topic of the schedule: “health and safety”. At this occasion, in the light of a more fluid debate, the chair people willing to treat Uberisation, invited the participation of an unusual speaker: a former motorcycle delivery worker, complaining about the abuses suffered related to his work journey. Provided that, the slow rhythm of the discussions was completely turned inside out, surprising all the present delegates observing the speech of Paulo Roberto “Galo” da Silva Lima, who shared his personal testimonial. As he said, in his past, after having suffered two serious motorcycle accidents, he decided to change his life. And when finally conquered a job as a computer technician, he was fired, even though he had a son to provide for.

Forced to work delivering food again, Galo, feeling rebellious, chose to unite workers in similar conditions to support activism, constructing a strong movement of rebellion and growing up inside this community. He emphasizes in his speech the necessity of standing up for his rights, even if in an extremist way, criticizing the capitalist and the admirable funcion of journalism.

Photo of Paulo “Galo” leaving the conference. (Source: Luiz Roberto Botosso) 

"YOUR FEAST PAYS FOR MY CRUMBS!" Charge by: Ravi Sekiguchi