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Decision-making: in the trail of a consensus

With a voted agenda, delegates discuss main topics.

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With the objective to find resolutions for the laborer’s situations, and guarantee all the basic rights to the worker class, the convention of Genebra continues this Wednesday, 27th of september. In this edition, you will find the main topics discussed at the International Labours Organization, happening now in Switzerland.

In the first place, it was organized and voted the choice of the agenda, in the function to guide the subsequent discussions, for this morning, the plan was to approach themes like supervision and regulation, including safety and mental health for the workerer, compromise of equal payment, and fight against child labor and work analogue to slavery. In addition, some propositions of projects started to show up, like the SHIP, from the United States, active inside the country, and responsible to care about psychological issues of the functionary, in addition to conscientize the manager about this question. The plan of the USA is to export this proposal to the globe, being notably supported by the majority of the other nations.  

Additionally, the deliberation involving the informal work, encompassing the concept of uberization, is in the schedule too, representing a necessary future discussion.


Proposals and Proposals, but the debate 

remains quite slow 

George Monbiot 

27/09/2023, 16:15

This Wednesday, September 27th, the third session of debates took place at the Genebra Confederation, and not as expected, the delegates seem to manifest difficulties in the flow of the debates. 

Proposals were made and recaptured, nations offered to financially help underdeveloped countries, and as the debate initiates, the delegation of the United States of America proposed a quite audacious project. As the dear American delegates suggested, related to the topic around physical and mental health in the working environment, the reeducation of managers is of extreme necessity, seeing that their actions tend to affect workers psychologically. This proposal received the name of Ship, and as a controversial opinion, it is considered not very coherent for such complex debate, as no other nations approached the subject for the rest of the discussion. 

It may seem to be an interesting idea, but how will the nation execute such a task? Who will support financially? Where will this project take place? All these questions were not explained by the delegates in any given time, so how do they expect the idea to be accepted by the rest of the committee? 

Furthermore, there still seems to be a problem in proceeding with the topics from the agenda, since they are still stuck on the first theme: Regulation and Supervision. As the delegates only have two more days of debate, it is essential that the nations lead the discussion fastly and still be coherent to the main purpose of the meeting, so the agenda can be finished.


Health issue and Motion 

South American 

Global South Union brings proposal to improve 

conditions to the labors 

Luanna M.

27/09/2023, 16:10

Continuing the discussion about topics from the agenda, this Wednesday, September 27th, themes were treated related to workers conditions and their rights inside the corporation. During the event, a group of different representatives organizations around the globe related to work, expressed their extreme dissatisfaction concerning slow progress of the debates; however, the intervention was ignored.

At the same time that isolate projects are brought by delegations as United Kingdom that suggests to implement a project to improve their working conditions in Africa and Asia, South Africa, with 14 countries involved of South American Continent, propose the Extranational Company Inspection Body, treating, objectively, questions as vacation days, paternity and maternity leave, and salary. Furthermore, the “Humanitarian Labor Fund for Underdeveloped Countries” is being developed with the intention of developing a Governmental Organization capable of promoting better structures of security and education, for example. 

Soulth Africa during the speech. (Source: Banana)

A miners urgency: abuse inside Maghreb 

Speeches interrupted for message, critics inside northeast Africa.

Ravi Sekiguchi

27/09/2023, 16:19

Still on the first day of debates (26th), all of sudden, the speaker’s list was interrupted by a worker native from Maghreb, a region from northeast Africa, including some countries from the arabic world. He was a miner, and was emphasising the inhuman conditions faced by labourers in this area, hundreds of people allocated in an inhospitable space, conditioned to exhaustive hours of hard work, and susceptible to the raw exposition of uranium, important  element for the global economy, explored by the property of being a great producer of energy. 

Under those circumstances, the miners were developing a completely degraded healthy state, as long as the substance is extremely radioactive and toxic for the human body, due to, when inhaled, the consequences are permanent and include terminal diseases, particularly lung cancer.

Despite this, this urgent situation is still a reality inside some nations, for example Argelia, not present in this confederation, and Morocco, who did not come and doesn't justify. The topic is expected to show up inside the congress during the subsequent speeches, directly to find a resolution to this problem.

Region of Maghreb. (Source: Internet, SciElo)